– COVID is still very real. Please make sure to wear a mask when you can. Mardi Gras parties and parades get very packed. We’ll have some masks at the Front Desk.
– Our lobby bathrooms are reserved for registered Quisby guests that have a wristband
– There will be staff behind the bar and the front desk 24/7
– Free food will be provided on parade days
– This party is a marathon, not a sprint
– Download the wwl parade tracker app.
– During parades, don’t cross the marching bands. Or between segments of tandem floats. You will regret it.
– The streets shut down about 30 minutes before and after the parade. Ubers are going to be harder to get. Everyone walks everywhere.
– Parades take awhile to get down the route. From the start of the route, it won’t pass the quisby for an hour or two.
– Don’t pick up beads off the ground, its bad luck
– Don’t throw stuff at floats. They throw things, you catch it. That’s how it works.
– The city shuts down. Most things are going to be closed, or have shorter menus.
– A lot of places are cash only. We have an ATM in the lobby.
– Things get trashed, lost, rained on, covered in beer. Leave anything important at home.
– Aspirin/Advil is behind the bar.
– No glass on the streets.