September 2020


Monday Movie Nights: Take a break before venturing out or simply take it easy one night. Featuring local and foreign films and more. Snag a drink at the bar, grab a snack, chill and enjoy.

Tarot Card TuesdaysJoin Tru and Kristin of Tea Witch Cafe on Magazine Street for tarot readings. The witches will present traditional tarot readings, medicine card readings, and aura channeling.

Pub Crawlmeets in the lobby every Wednesday at 8:00pm before heading into the night to explore some notorious New Orleans drinking holes. The cost is $10 which goes to your guide Charlie (for his bar tab). Sign up at the front desk.

Open Mic: 1st and 3rd Thursday of Every Month. A must attend if you’re here for it. Open mic night is for comedians, musicians, poets, or anyone that just wants to put some talent on display.

Trivia Night: Every other Thursday, our fearless bartender, Reid, leads us on a trivia journey. Show off your mastery of the obscure, the esoteric, and the occasional Kardashian. First place and runner-ups get a bar tab!

If you need maps, custom recommendations, or info about tours, the front desk is here for you 24 hours a day!



Diary of a mad solo traveler

Diary of a mad solo traveler

the-quisby-day-of-a-mad-solo-traveler A former (and hopefully future) guest of the Quisby, Khadeidra Le Gendre, has written a beautiful play by play of her stay at The Quisby, full of wit and charm, and we’re really excited to share it with you. If you’re hostel curious, this one’s for you. Khadeidra has a line of colorful head turning handbags, […]

Construction is HARD as $#@%

Construction is HARD as $#@%

the-quisby-construction-article-image   Construction is HARD. It requires attention to thousands of tiny details and getting just one wrong can derail everybody. But when the finished product starts to come together, it’s pure joy to watch. Every building gets built twice, once on paper and again in real life. Not to sound like that guy, but I remember when this […]

Ordering custom bunk beds in 12 easy steps

Ordering custom bunk beds in 12 easy steps

the-quisby-ordering-bunk-beds-article 1) Find a bunk bed catalog at a hostel conference in January 2) Get really busy and then wait till August to actually reach out to the manufacturer 3) Find out that the beds are made in China and will take at least 5 months to get to New Orleans 4) Panic 5) Make a lot […]