(Above Photo Credit: Thomas Werts) 

On Thursday, August 22, the Quisby opened its doors to young, New Orleans-based artists to showcase their work in rooms throughout the first floor. 

Kushtrim and Carlisa dj’ed throughout the night at Quartz bar, located in the lobby of the hostel. A vintage, Nintendo gaming system sat next to the DJ booth to play.

After strolling through the lobby, you walked up the stairs leading to the first floor’s Art Hostel lined with moss-covered mirrors and flowers scattered throughout the floor leading you to the rooms.

Check out some of the the artists below: 


Brooke Crowder, aka @barbiespicegirl, littered the floor of her room with the August edition of Antigravity Magazine — a New Orleans-based publication. Each bunk bed was wrapped in trash bags with cute pink string lights lined below one of the beds. A blue hue framed the area by the mirror. 

Brooke: “My intention was to offer a contemplative, slightly interactive space while keeping sustainability in mind. The stack of recycled Antigravity issues I used features Raphael Helfand’s cover story on one of my favorite local bands, Matt Surfin’ and Friends.”

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(Photo Credit: Brooke)

Sydney and Cyntelle

Images of memories and friends lined the space around the mirror and area leading towards the windows. Cyntelle took proofs from a zine she created and filled the room with her favorite times/people in New Orleans.

To the right of the door, a mannequin with a gray fabric draped over it showcases the work of Sydney and Cyntelle. (Pictured below)

Cyntelle: “I created a zine that reflected my time here in New Orleans with the people I love most. The room was filled with the zine proof, because the zine is not for sale and was only made for the people in it.”

Sydney: “Since I knew Cyntelle was creating this zine, I designed a few pieces for the people apart of it.”

(Image of Sydney’s piece worn by Cyntelle. Photo Credit: Sydney)


Luna, singer and artist, took materials collected from photo and video shoots to create a homely, intimate space. Lit only by candles and soft blue lights, the room was covered in things we would keep in our everyday homes including: record hung on the walls, mirrors, plants, etc. There were even four beta fish hidden throughout the room for visitors to find. 

1990s-era blow up chairs, which are gummy bear-shaped, sat in a “living room” area facing a TV. Throughout the room, Luna and DJ Legatron’s collaborative project, Chopped & Blü, played in the the background

(Pictures by: Blair Daspit)

Pink fairy lights hang from the bunk bed of Luna’s Room. (Photo by Thomas Werts)


Aside from dj’ing, Carlisa’s installment converted the room into a wellness spa titled, “Nowhere”. The backdrop, a green, textured fabric, hung from the bunk beds fusing with the plants atop pieces of cinder and concrete. 

The room displayed a combination of plants and concrete, which showed “being either everywhere at once or nowhere at all and an invitation to bring outdoor indoors,” Carlisa explained.

(Image of Carlisa adjusting her piece designed by Sydney in front of her installation. Photo Credit: Sydney)


Milagros consists of two artists, Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre. The duo strategically hung and laid paintings on the bunk beds to portray a color interaction with the fabric, they described. A fluid-like, sculptural piece flowed out of the restroom area camouflaging the space.

Situated next to the sculpture, the sink overflowed with little, colorful and water-based items including; crawfish, sharks and alligators. They even put in little ice cream cones. (Pictured Below)

Milagros: “We wanted to place sculptural elements that obliquely referenced water and consumption near the sink. We placed the large canvas piece in the bathroom to overwhelm the space and obscure the identity of the room.”

They are currently installing a large exhibition that opens on Friday, August 30 in Canal Place through a residency called Salon, so they took a few pieces that hadn’t made it to the exhibit yet to display at the Art Hostel. 

(Photo of toy creatures displayed in the cubby)  

Midnight Noodle

Chef Melvin Stovall III (@eatmidnightnoodle) with Midnight Noodle came through with three vegan food options. The intimate, red light-filled room was set up with a narrow table set with a red table cloth, tea candles and Louisiana moss to portray a “small Taiwanese night market,” Melvin described. 

The food options included: 

Mala Cumin Bao: Steamed and pan-fried bao filled with mock beef, toasted cumin, kale, ginger and scallion. Garnished with @flybyjing chili crisp and fresh mint. (Photo Credit: Melvin) 

XOXO Veggie Dumplings: tofu, bok choy, carrots, Shiitake and chive flower. Garnished with fermented black bean xo sauce. (Photo Credit: Melvin) 

Fried Ice Cream Bao: Toasted coconut ice cream from Sundae Best, Fly by  Jing chili crisp and cilantro on a bao bun. (Photo Credit: Melvin) 

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