1) Find a bunk bed catalog at a hostel conference in January

2) Get really busy and then wait till August to actually reach out to the manufacturer

3) Find out that the beds are made in China and will take at least 5 months to get to New Orleans

4) Panic

5) Make a lot of frantic phone calls

6) Panic

7) Make more frantic phone calls and start to give up hope

8) Thumb through an Ikea catalog with sadness in your heart

9) Get a phone call from someone that starts with “So, I heard you need some bunk beds…”

10) Rush over to meet the mysterious person on the other end of the line at his wood shop

11) Find out he is a kickass carpenter from Switzerland who builds everything from modern furniture to historic recreation staircases

12) Rejoice and get to work designing, prototyping, measuring, and testing the bunk bed of your dreams (get it?)